Buried | Strategy Guide [Part 2 of 2]

Why did I smash that fountain? How is the Ray Gun Mk. 2 better than the Ray Gun? AND WHY ON EARTH ARE WE GOING TO PEE OUR PANTS IN PART 2!?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, read all about the first part of this two-part strategy guide, here: Buried Part 1

No where did we leave off? …OH LORD! A WITCH!!! Phew. That was close. MAHGAWD! ANOTHER ONE! We need to get through this mansion before those Gypsies take our money!

Remember, witches get stitches.

Battling Witch Gypsies, getting free [and one extremely low-priced perk], and Pack-a-Punching a trio of weapons is what part 2 is all about. Oh, and we get to build MC’s Marvelous Gauntlet of 1000 Truths! The camping locations are just spectacular. But don’t take your family here. It’s not like any camping experience I’ve ever had.

So if you want to learn how to get to higher rounds in Buried, now is the time to check out the video below. The terror may cause you to pee in your britches, mind you.


Buried | Strategy Guide [Part 1 of 2]

Somehow, we have allowed the one person in the group who can’t remember his own name to lead us halfway across the world: Russman.

The zombie slayers, and Sperlinger, from the American Northwest are now taking refuge in a western-style ghost town in the middle of Egypt. Makes sense, right?

The view from the top is scary: a long way down into a fire-y pit of doom as we gaze out over the rift. But have no fear! The LSAT is here! That is, bearing you’re not playing with a bunch of turds who may keep you from obtaining the starting weapon of choice. However, if you don’t get it [which you probably won't, unless on solo], don’t crap your britches just yet. I have not one, not 17, but TWO, two starting strategies.

The first strategy follows the wild fantasy all of you have dreamed of: acquiring the LSAT before round three. The second strategy shows what your life would be like if you were to go the route of punching those brain-munchers in the face with the Galvaknuckles for eight rounds.

At any rate, this map is full of dark spaces, cramped corners and a multitude of easy points. And I mean EASY! It’s also haunted [hence the term "ghost town"]. However, we won’t get into the witches and spooky mansion just yet. That comes in part 2!

For now, check out what you and the gang can do before taking the struggle bus into the mansion!

Afterwards, check out part 2!: Buried Part 2


Buried | Buildables

As you already know, Buried wouldn’t be a Black Ops 2 Zombies map without some new buildables.

The newest members to our zombie-slaying family? The Head-Chopper and Subsurface Resonator.

Well, I bet you can’t guess what the Head-Chopper does… it slices and dices vegetables in one stroke. Oh, I guess you could use it to chop heads off. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Subsurface Resonator is the perfect example of how dynamite comes in small packages. Except, instead of dynamite, this little contraption sends out powerful gusts of wind, capable of knocking anyone on their caboose [kind of like grandpa after his early morning vitamins, eh?]. The downside to the Resonator is that it cannot power itself. Whatever shall we do?

Enter one Turbine. The symbol of all things holy in the previous zombies map, Tranzit, the Turbine makes it’s return to the big stage in the underground ghost town.

Just when you thought you’ve built it all, the memories of catapulting, Jumping Jacks, and zombie-flinging surface once more as you stumble upon the parts to the Tramplestein!

Luckily for us, all the parts always spawn in the same location and are all located in the same building: the general store.

Check it out!

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