Madden 25 | Signature Celebrations

Are you afraid the days of on-field NFL celebrations are over? Think again.

Although Roger the Dictator has banished all forms of celebration from the football field [he just can't stand others being happy, can he?], you can expect to see Cruz’s Salsa Dance in full-form on Madden 25!

EA Sports recently introduced the addition of personalized celebrations in Madden 25. Some of the most notables include:

  • Clay Matthews – Predator
  • J.J. Watt – Mock “Clay Matthews Predator”
  • Marshawn Lynch – Skittles Rain Dance
  • Colin Kaepernick – Kiss Biceps
  • and much, much more! [see full list HERE]

This is such a brilliant and fan-focused idea to implement this year! If you’ve played online, I’m sure you’ve encountered at least one player-obsessed fan who fantasizes of scoring every touchdown or making every sack with said player. Well, in Madden 25, you better hope you don’t let that happen to you, because those type of fans will become even more annoying if they get to repeat Deion Sanders’ Primetime Dance all game.

Oh. Did I mention former legends are included in this dancing frenzy as well?

Although a full list has yet to be disclosed, the mention of Deion Sanders and Dante Hall should be excitement enough [if you didn't already have a reason to play with former NFL stars]. Although there are many celebrations already listed, there are a few additions/changes I’d like to see to this list:

  • Cam Newton doing his well-known Superman Dance, rather than it’s featured, distant cousin, “Flip Ball to Fans”
  • Denver’s Mile High Salute
  • Where on earth is Jared Allen with his lasso!?

Of course, not every dance can be featured, but those are three iconic celebrations that I believe should be included. And, as always, Madden 25 will feature the standard, generic celebrations. Although, it seems they have added much more. The most notable are: Power Spike, Spin the Ball, and the Crossbar Dunk. The only common celebration I see missing is Point for First Down.

Overall, the variety of celebrations, personal or generic, is going to add a lot of excitement to the game! Add that in with the ability to play with NFL Legends and Madden’s 25th anniversary, and this won’t turn into a game you pawn off next year at Gamestop!


Black Ops 2 | MC’s Review/Debut on Uplink

Let’s rewind a couple years back, to the snowy, frantic Black Ops map that was “Summit.” The map, which was on the smaller side of medium, contained large death totals, numerous camping spots [I do not approve], and, if you play your cards right, an XP-boosting score at the end.

Ok. That nostalgic trip is over. Come on, Marty McFly, back to the future.

With the new, and improved, version of “Summit,” comes the newest map in the latest DLC, “Uplink.” Yes, I mean improved. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “Firing Range”/”Studio” disaster. “Uplink” features the same basic layout, with some minor modifications. Of course, the most notable is the climate and terrain. This rainy, jungle-esque setting is just the right amount of change this map needed [the horrors that were the "Firing Range" changes are resurfacing now].

With a familiar layout, there isn’t much learning curve on this map. Yes, the same ole cubscouts [aka, campers] will be residing in their usual spots. I used that to my advantage on my first play-through, though [see video below].

Overall, I give this map an A- [minus, just because there's not much creativity going into a re-make].

Team: W 95-78

MC: 35-19

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