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VR Coming to PS4

Is the future finally here for console gamers? Well by the looks of the most recent news by Sony, it sure looks that way.

Sony has finally brought there intervention to light with what they are calling “Morpheus”.


The headset hosts a 5″ 1080p, 90 degree view LCD screen that is connected to your PS4 via USB and HDMI with 360 degree rotation capabilities.


Currently my biggest worries are all the wires coming out of the headset that you may become tangled in and

the weight of the headset. I don’t want to have this heavy contraption on my head.


We look forward to bringing you more news on this as it happens. Stay tuned!

Take a second to watch a video of a first hand look of Morpheus being used to play the demo The Deep.


Are You Ready For Batman Next Gen?

With an official release date of October 14th, Batman: Arkham Knight will be looking to make its case for one of the most hyped games of the year. If not, game of the year!BatMobile

I have never really been a huge fan of the Batman games in the past. But there is something about this game.

Maybe its the next gen graphics, the hype from the trailer (BELOW) or the fact that you get to drive the bat mobile this time around.

With this release set to be the end of the Arkham Trilogy and no real set plans for Batman in the future, will you be buying this game?
Obviously for me, I think this game is a must have!